We help organisations with three important things. Brand, communications and content.



If you think brand is about nice colours and a matching logo, think again. Your brand is about how you make people feel. Can you articulate that? Does your customer know why you exist? Do you? We can help you nail it. Together, through workshops and watercooler conversations we’ll determine your why, what, how and where.

We offer:

  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand auditing
  • Writing for brands: positioning, promise, purpose and values
  • Internal and external brand engagement programmes
  • Workshops and training



Does your collar match your cuffs? If your sales team isn’t reinforcing the same message as your marketing or your internal communication doesn’t match your external, you have a problem. That’s okay, you’re not alone. We’re here to help. Let’s get streamlined.

  • Communications strategy
  • Internal and external communications support
  • Customer/donor journey reviews, qualitative research and development
  • Messaging development for marketing/sales/fundraising/CSR
  • Workshops and training


If you’re thinking you ought to talk about something because the rest of your industry is, think again. Yes, it’s important to stay relevant and show you’re in it with an opinion, but don’t let other people’s agendas dictate yours. Determine what you stand for – and create a well-thought out content strategy to reinforce it, continually. You’ll quickly find that people realise you stand for something particular, something that feels like you.

  • Content strategy
  • Content development:
    • digital
    • print
    • editorial
    • anything else you fancy, from campaigns to collateral
  • Business storytelling workshops and training
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Do I sound good in this?

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Are you buying this? Sales messaging made simple

Positioning your ground-breaking idea so people want it. I've been learning about Raymond Loewy. If you aren’t sure who Raymond Loewy is, he was (quite rightly) exalted Franco American design guru behind some…