Broadly speaking, our clients fall into two camps:

1: You’re an agency


Agencies use us to boost their internal teams where they need specialist experience they may not have in-house. We’ve worked with agencies of all types: brand, design, digital, PR, writing, advertising, policy and public affairs. We offer a ‘white label’ service so you can use us as an addition to your team and we also help agencies with independent customer audits so we can find out how you’re really doing, too.

Jo really took the time to immerse herself in the client’s world, their history and what mattered to them. Working with a major international development charity, Jo took them through a step-by-step process to re-imagine their brand identity, employing a series of fun, engaging and creative workshops and producing a set of brand recommendations which chimed perfectly with how the client wanted to portray themselves, how they wanted to feel and sound, and the future they wanted to create.

Nick ColwillAssociate Director, Aequitas Consulting , London

2: You’re a business


Organisations of all shapes and sizes work with us – from corporates to charities, from small start-ups to established global concerns. We help them to unearth opportunities and to help make the most of them. We’ve picked apart customer and donor journeys for charities, created punchy messaging for industrial manufacturers, turned sales pitches upside down and developed brand and communications strategies for all of the above…and then some. We like a challenge. Hand them over.

I have known Jo for many years, and worked with her in a number of different capacities and roles during our time together at Getty Images. Alongside her fantastic work ethic, responsibility and support for others, Jo brings real creativity and new perspectives to her work. She can balance the big picture along with great tactical execution, and she is great fun to work with. I'm really happy to recommend her.

Rob GubasSenior Director, Global Integrated Marketing at SAP Concur, Seattle

Organisations we have worked with, include…

Aequitas Consulting

Association of National Park Authorities


Business Wales/Cywain

Clifton College

Getty Images


Hogg Robinson Group

In the Wood

Hybrid Studio

Principality Building Society


The Funding Centre­­

Writers Ltd

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