I‘m Jo Lilford, the founder of Run Jump Fly.

Before founding agencies – first Run Jump Fly, followed by Clout Branding – I spent over 20 years working internationally in senior marketing and communications roles within major organisations including Getty Images, Atradius, Principality and the UK’s National Parks . That means I’ve seen things from both sides – having worked inside businesses, but been a client of some of the world’s top agencies, I have a pretty useful dual perspective.

Today, Run Jump Fly is my sole focus: though it’s principally me, I collaborate with all kinds of people, all over the world. These are people I love to work with, whom I cherry pick for each project, selected for their experience in addressing particular challenges. This means I’m able to keep overheads low – and the quality of work high.

What keeps me awake at night? I obsess about the need for simplicity and imagination in business and I help people to succeed on many different levels, from top line brand strategy to front-line writing work. My goal across all of my work remains the same: to help make organisations simple to understand, but impossible to ignore.

Finally, having a good time and doing a good job go unequivocally hand in hand. It’s important to us that our clients enjoy working with us and stick around. They do.

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5th October 2023

When brands fall over

All over the globe today, there are teams of people wondering what kind of crack their senior leadership team is on. They’re going through a rebrand, they were thinking a…
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16th January 2019

Do I sound good in this?

In the world of branding, tone of voice is the (oft overlooked) poor relation: it’s not considered sexy or exciting, there is no great unveiling or WOW moment, the things…
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6th November 2018

Are you buying this? Sales messaging made simple

Positioning your ground-breaking idea so people want it. I've been learning about Raymond Loewy. If you aren’t sure who Raymond Loewy is, he was (quite rightly) exalted Franco American design guru behind some…